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Full Version: Is every ones android prime pro working OK
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Is every ones android prime pro working OK mine functions but will not recognize that i own the pro version;
when i select "calculator" heading and select "connect to" it just goes back to the cacl main screen.
It shows an option to "upgrade to hp prime pro even though i have a paid copy.
I unsubscribed to the beta testing thinking that might be the problem,( uninstalled and re installed) but this still persists, on 8 device with different processors and up and including android 9.
am i missing something thanks
Mine is the same (also Pro Beta).

What does the Pro version add? I can’t remember, and I can’t find it in the Play store…
My iPad Pro Prime crashes when trying CAS related operations such as symbolic integration, has been down for many months. I gave up on it.
Android Pro app seems to be working fine for me, haven't had any functional issues in the months since the last update. Prior to latest update I had many problems. What I am finding however is that i have to reboot my Pixel 2 phone every time i want to connect with the Connectivity Kit. On my older Android tablet I don't see this. Basically the connectivity kit will not see my Pixel virtual calc unless I reboot the phone first, and then I'm only good for the one session.
I also have the HP Prime Pro version (2.1.14181, non-beta) on my Pixel 2 with Android 9, and it works nicely. After the last update, I noticed this "Update to Pro" menu entry, which does seem to do nothing, but the Pro features are there (connection to the connectivity kit, program editor etc).

The "Connect to" menu entry does nothing, but the calculator's built-in connection settings seem to work (tap on the little WIFI icon in the calculator's screen, or main setting screen 4). When the Connectivity Kit is running on my computer, the HP Prime Pro Android app almost instantly shows up in there without any additional configuration after starting the app. No reboot required for me.
The "connect to" used to work possibly pre bonjour days.
The "free" or "lite "or "Prime" edition differences amongst other things was no "3D Graphing" app and a lot more left out for those that cant remember .
You appear to be able to connect if you have the android app open and the drop down icon twiddled with before opening the pc emulator.
(06-30-2019 10:14 PM)lrdheat Wrote: [ -> ]My iPad Pro Prime crashes when trying CAS related operations such as symbolic integration, has been down for many months. I gave up on it.

I believe that the CAS in the iOS version of the HP Prime Pro app began consistently crashing when iOS 12.1.1 was released on Dec. 5, 2018 (almost 7 months ago). Since there have been very few complaints, I'm assuming that almost no one bought the app (admittedly, there are a fair number of people who can't or won't upgrade iOS, but still). The lack of interest probably explains why HP is clearly in no rush to fix it, but it is concerning that the app remains for sale on the iTunes store.

There's a lot of nostalgia for the HP products of yore, but I think that the HP of modern times deserves a different reputation.
Hi folks,

I've been playing with the Prime Pro app on my Samsung galaxy S4 tablet for a week now, and generally I like it very much. I use an external keyboard and have been working through a number of issues there, but I have yet to get the connectivity kit to connect.

My tablet is connected to my home wifi and has normal network connectivity.

My windows10 laptop also is on the same wifi and seems to be working normally.

I launch the connectivity kit and no calcs are seen.

I launch the HP Prime Pro app, and click on the apps's main menu in the upper left. and select
Calculator->Connect To

The screen is titled Wireless Network Properties, and shows a drop-down that says "No Network selected". Below that is says "Status: Connecting..." and below that "RF Version: No adapter found".

That doesn't sound good.

Pulling down the dropdown, it shows HP_Classroom with a greyed out wifi icon, and also "Add Connection...".

I selected Add Connection and specify my laptop's IP address on the following screen. This adds the connection to the dropdown, but trying to select that connection doesn't do anything.

It seems as thought the Prim Pro app is somehow not connecting properly to the network stack on the tablet...???

Can others who have this working compare what you see to my results above and see if you can suggest what I'm doing wrong?


Joe Ervin
Hmmm...also, I just realized that I can tap on the time/battery/angle icon at the upper right. This also shows me a wifi icon with no bars,...even though the tablet is connected to a functional wifi network. Hmm...

Figured it out. Windows defender firewall managed by McAfee was blocking it. I turned that off and Voila!

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