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Full Version: HP41 NovRAM - storing ROM
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Hi, guys! It's me again and my doubts ... sorry, when young I could only dream about HPs... now, I'm old and head doesn't process well so much information, as needed to operate the HP-41 system ...

Only recently I discovered the power of NovRAM-HEPAX module by Diogo Diaz. I read a lot of manuals and I can say: I got a confused mind!!!

Well, it has some space (blocks) for receiving ROMs. I believe these ROM could receive the content of Math, Advantage and other important modules (PPC-ROM!), Z-MATH, etc.

I read, I don't now where, the ROMs could be copied from modules. This is the way for NovRAM module? Could this be done copying from module to cassette and from cassette to NovRAM, or it can only be done by electronic process, using one recorder.

I'm in touch with him to buy such recorder, but I had this idea yesterday.

We have also that ROM files in HP Museum DVD, but how to get them into such module or cassette?

Any orientation will be very well accepted!
If you were to buy a NoV-64 from Diego, it comes with a "flashing tool" board that plugs into your PC via USB. You attach your NoV-64 module onto this board and flash it with whatever HP41 modules you like via some also-included software.

The modules that you flash onto it are already ROM files online. You don't need to download physical hardware modules and transfer them to PC somehow as you ask about. Some nice folks have already done all this. Just pick which ROM files (i.e. modules) you want on your NoV-64 and flash it with those images. At that point, the NoV-64 is set up as you like it and those modules will be retained (power is not needed). They are on there permanently, unless you want to change them for some other configuration :-)
If you go on Diego's site (clonix) you can find all you need, in a zipped file, so that you could have a prewiew of the procedure.

As burkhard wrote you could obtain the flashing tool (a programmer) buying a NoV-64 from Diego.

It's all quite simple to manage an Diego always offers an excellent customer care if you meet trouble.
Thanks to all replies!!
Well, I'm in touch to Diego in order to get the programmer.
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