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Full Version: HP35S hung in "memory clear loop"
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Hi, I observed the same problem as the one posted by Scott Newell
on 18 Feb 2011
Using my 35S this morning, it missed a keystroke, then started flashing "MEMORY CLEAR". I tried several times to hit (from 1 sec to almost 60 sec) the reset button on back using a paper clip as proposed to Scott in this message but the HP35S still hings in the loop.
Is there anything else I can try?
Purchase a 34S? Smile

Take the batteries out and leave it a longish while.

- Pauli
Hi. The problem is now solved. After a while (let's say about 30 mn) the message on the sceen was "memory clear" and was non longer hung in "memory clear loop". I pressed once more the reset button on back and everything is now OK. Sorry for the trouble. Regards to all.
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