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Full Version: Aktive Filter Design Handbook (Bulgarian)
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If you are interested, I can post the TI-59 programs from the aforementioned publication (subtitled For Use with Programmable Pocket Calculators and Minicomputers by G. S. MOSCHYTZ and P. HORN, lnstitut für Fernmeldetechnlk ETH, Zürich, John Wiley & Sons, 1981 (pgs. 188-250): however, it is (I believe) in Bulgarian.

I'm interested.
PM sent
[attachment=7378] sample page

(06-13-2019 11:55 PM)SlideRule Wrote: [ -> ]however, it is (I believe) in Bulgarian.

It's in russian Smile.
Fortunately, Russian is my second language ))))

This is interesting, as of 1981 in the USSR as was, the TI-59 would have been an extreme rarity (likely the number in the country counted on one hand) but hardware clones were always around (there was even a PDP-11 architecture based Calculator, Elektronika MK-85 and the beautiful MK-90, based upon RT-11!!!, so a TI-59 would have been trivial, just a few years or so before these models).

So, the TI-59 must have had a Soviet clone, as well, 1981 = 3-4 years of time to clone. cannot find such a machine though!

My guess an early Elektronika MK model, before the Elektronika MK-61.

PS. The document though does say TI Programmable (in Russian).
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