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Full Version: Sexigecimal conversion behaviour change
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I recently noticed a difference in the sexigecimal conversion between the 45/65 and later models. I remember berg still the time know about the greater accuracy of the 67/97’s conversion vs. the -65, but I had not noticed the more subtle change implied by the name change.

Specifically from the -55 on the function is called “<—>H.MS” whereas the -45/-65 it is “<—>D.MS.” What is the difference, you ask? Conversion to D.MS honors the current trigonometric mode of the calculator, so, for example in radian mode, 2pi radians converts to 360.0000 in D.MS. On the later calculators 2pi is converted as if it is 6.28…hours (i.e. six and a quarterish hours). The old behavior is useful programmatically to generate a known quantity of degrees (say 360) to the correct number in the current trigonometric mode w/o having to explicitly know it (or use trig functions with their slower speed and inaccuracies).
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