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Full Version: (45) Calculator Sequences for Geodetic Computations
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An extract from HP 45 Calculator Sequences for Geodetic Computations (The Australian Surveyor, March, 1977, Vol. 28, No. 5, page 281, B. A. Murphy)

With the publication of the Australian Map Grid Technical Manual and associated tables (Special Publication 7) by the National Mapping Council, closely followed by the introduction of the small re-chargeable pocket calculator with in-built trigonometrical functions, the task of performing precise calculations under field conditions has been greatly simplified.
Keyboard sequences have been prepared for those surveyors who wish to use the versatile HP 45 to perform geodetic calculations following the format as set out in the Australian Map Grid Technical Manual (AMGTM). All sequences are readily adaptable to the more recently introduced HP 65 and HP 67, and only a little less readily to similar calculators.
The sequences use first order formulae and are not necessarily the shortest possible. Where first order accuracy is not required the sequences can be appropriately edited to use of the simplified formulae given in the AMGTM.
Depending upon the sequence being used, the following NMC Special Publications will be required when computing on the Australian Geodetic Datum and for transformations to and from the Australian Map Grid:
7A - Transformation of Coordinates from Geographic to Grid.
7B - Transformation of Coordinates from Grid to Geographic.
7C - Latitude Functions and AMGTM Annexes E and F.

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In this link we can get the article in the following publication: The Australian Surveyor (Volume 28, 1977 - Issue 5), "HP 45 calculator sequences for geodetic computations", authors: B. A. Murphy M.I.S. Aust. Pages 281-282.

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