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Full Version: PPC ROM
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Hello all,

Ive been looking around eBay at some PPC ROMs and they all seem very expensive and overpriced, around $400. Is this their actual price? How much would one cost?

Thank you in advance,
Get Diego's NoV-64 module instead, and then you can download images of lots of ROM modules into it, all for a lot less than the price of a single PPC ROM module.
His front page is http://www.clonix41.org/

If you have a coconut 41 (as opposed to a halfnut), you can use the 41CL transplant board that comes with something like 180 modules built in, and goes up to 50 times as fast as the original.

There are modern module images you can put in it too, ones that have just come out in the last couple of years; so the 41 is still very much alive. Check out for example:
Ángel Martin's 41z module (.pdf) for true 4-level complex stack and tons of complex-arithmetic functions and enhancements, and
Ángel Martin's Sandmath module (.pdf) with gobs of math extensions for the HP-41
Thank you for your response Garth.

I actually own a 41CL board but my trusty HP41CX has a broken display Sad

I was looking to sell my PPC ROM but have no idea about its market price. eBay sellers just seem to ask for too much.
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