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(06-06-2019 04:37 PM)parisse Wrote: [ -> ]It would also be nice to have CAS sessions saving, a new feature I have just introduced in KhiCAS: you can save a session, transfert it to a PC and open it with Xcas or Xcas for Firefox, and conversely. In Xcas for Firefox, you can easily share your session with other, in forums like here or in a private email.
Someday maybe the above is supported, for example to execute class sessions as:
Octagons, paving and rosettes https://www-fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/~par...ogone.html [Exec All]

at least one version close to the latest version of Xcas version 1.5.0-63

Is there a calendar for a next version, be it a launcher or a beta version?
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