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Full Version: 3D APP, How to plot y=0
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I want to plot a parallel plane to ZX plane (Y= 1, ...) or to ZY plane (X= 1, ...).
Just to see the intersection with a surphace like FZ1= X^2 + Y^2

Could you give me some help?


Since \( y=0 \) is not an equation that can be represented by a function (of \(x\) and \( y\) ), you will not be able to graph such a surface.
Try this:
FZ1(X,Y) = -Y/(1E-499)
Big Grin
Good trick;
and FZ(X,Y)=(Y-2)/(1E-499)

for Y=2 Etc Etc.
Equation of plane is
ax + by + cz + d = 0
Need plane
y = 0
0x + 1y + 0z +0 = 0
0z = -y
z = -y/0
Replace zero with 1E-499
It works. Very nice.
Thanks very much to all

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