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Full Version: C-Pen 800C ?
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I've had a C-Technologies C-pen 800C handheld OCR scanner / PDA / organizer / mini-computer / dictionary / translator / text-to-speech reader / calculator since at least about 2005. It still works and it's in perfect condition.

I'm interested to see if anyone has any info on the internals of this device. I know it uses some custom, proprietary ARM-based SoC named "Argus" and runs "ARIPOS" as its OS. Beyond that I don't know much.

The C-Pen 800C that I have was discontinued a long while ago but you can still find it on the Internet Archive :


I think there used to be an SDK which one could get for the right price, but, I can't find it anywhere and I wanted to know if there's any way to get access to it.



EDIT : See also this link : http://www.mindflux.com.au/products/ctech/cpen800C.html
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