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Full Version: How to use The Sum template on the C button?
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The Summing template on the C Key how does it work?

Product: HP Prime G2
I tried using The Sum that E for lists with i=0 and infinity sign above and the expression after the = sign.

I put the template on my Home page and added all the parts it did not work.

Does anyone know how to use it?
The sum template works pretty much as you would expect,
but with a few things to watch out for.

Don't use i as the index as the Prime treats lower case i as the constant sqrt(-1) rather than as a variable. It would be like using pi as your index. Since the Prime is case sensitive, you can use an upper case I instead.

In Home, you can't use an undefined variable in expressions. So when using the sum template, it's best to use an upper case letter unless you have previously defined the variable.

Also, since Home is a "numeric" environment, it cannot handle symbolic expression like Σ(2*k-1,k,1,n) or Σ(1/k^2,k,1,∞). That's what the CAS is for.

So the sum template works as expected, but within the broader contraints of the calculator.
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