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Full Version: Any particularly interesting games for a 42S/DM42/Free42 or older models?
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I just stumbled across The Pocket Calculator Game Book (Edwin Schlossberg):


It was published in 1975, so it's understandably not a book of games for programmable calculators, but rather games played with the assistance of a basic electronic calculator. It's got a mix of competitive, cooperative, and solitaire games, and some of these look like they might be good candidates for a fully computerized adaptation on a programmable calculator. "Calculator Solitaire" on page 24, for example, looks like it would work well on models with enough memory to simulate a deck of 40 cards (suit doesn't matter).
(05-12-2019 02:01 PM)Dave Britten Wrote: [ -> ]I just stumbled across The Pocket Calculator Game Book (Edwin Schlossberg)
There must have been a number of this type of paperback book. I know of two others:

Games Calculators Play (Wallace Judd, © 1975)
Dogfight & More Games Calculators Play (Wallace Judd, © 1977)

I own a copy of the second of these, where the author claims to have designed the overhead projector calculator sold by Stokes.

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