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Full Version: Finding a Prime G2 in Ireland
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I've heard the Prime G2 is only available in Europe. While I live in the US, I happen to be traveling in Ireland, and I was hoping I could find one here, saving the delay and cost of international shipping. (And I could probably get a VAT refund too.)

That said, I have no idea where I could find a brick and mortar store that would carry one. Any advice?


The easiest would be to get one ordered and shipped to wherever you are going to Ireland.
Brick and mortar shop that sells HP are quite rare:-(

Thanks. I ended up buying one from amazon.co.uk and having it shipped.

I paid 149 GBP / 201 USD with VAT and shipping it to our Dublin hotel. Ouch!!! It arrived and is a 2AP18AA#B15 with EMEA on the security label.

Unfortunately, even though I'm exporting it out of the EU, I can't get a VAT refund because amazon.co.uk doesn't support them.

But all things considered, I'm returning to university a week from Monday, so I didn't want to take chances. My beloved HP48GX that got me through high school and university 23 years ago was dead when I found it (battery leak and the power button was barely working) and neither of the sites offering to repair them would return calls or emails.

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