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Full Version: (1-10x)^4 does not expand
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Help, In HOME with HP Prime,

I enter (1-10x)^4 and expect something like #x^4+#x^3+#x^2+#x+c where # is any number.

However my result is (1.-10x)^4 which is just what I started with.

How do I get the binomial raised to the 4th power to expand?

Thanks - Cheers!
expand is an algebric CAS command, you can use it for polynomials and rational functions (powexpand for expressions with exponents and texpand for transcendent functions) Wink

Aries Smile
Aries, Thank you for your reply.

I am still confused.

Are you saying that I cannot directly input (1-10x)^4 in the HOME textbox and get the expansion.

Are you saying I must use the powexpand command in the CAS textbox to get the expansion?

Try CAS.expand('expression') or CAS.expand('expression','variable') in HOME mode Wink
Algebric objects need single quotes.

Aries Smile
Either of these should work:


Note the multiplication sign at 10*x, to avoid implicit multiplication issues.
Aries & DrD,

Thank you for replies. It is clear to me now. Cheers!
Dont mention it !

Aries Smile
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