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Full Version: HP Prime Solve command at exp-Fkt. often does not work
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I have big problems solving exponential equations in CAS mode with the Solve command.

1 E.g. the equation (x^2-16)*exp(-0,5*x) has x1=4 and x2=-4 as solution. I don't get a solution from Prime.

It works very well (x^2-16)exp(x), it even works with a fraction instead of -0,5, but not with -0,5.

I have tried a lot and have no idea anymore. What am I doing wrong?

best regards
(x^2-16)*exp(-0.5*x) is an approx equation because 0.5 is an approx number, you can solve it with the approx solver:
If you want to use the exact solver, convert 0.5 to an exact coefficient and run solve:
Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes, fsolve finally solves it, but only under protest with a strange error message. The command Zero again leads to no result.
With parameters it gets even worse, example follows...

kindly regards
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