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Full Version: unbricking a 39gII?
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I've somehow managed to convert my 39gII into a light paperweight. I ran a simple program that created a list of 300 numbers and did some calculations. The program worked fine so I changed it to create a list of 600 numbers. The program ran and ran and ran... I pressed ON/C to kill it, it kept running. Pulled the batteries, put one back in, turned it on. It displayed the HP logo and the hourglass... for minutes. Pulled the battery, replaced battery, tried the various ON/C+F combinations as described in the manual. No change. Pulled the battery, held ON/C for a minute. No change. Left batteries out for weeks, held ON/C for a minute, replaced battery, turned it on. Logo and hourglass for minutes. Even put a battery in backwards, tried to turn it on, pulled and replaced the battery correctly and tried the various ON/C+F combos. Still just the logo and hourglass.

Anything else to try? I haven't opened it up yet. Am I going to have to?
Hold down the backspace key while it is booting. This will avoid loading any files which should return things to working.
THANK YOU, TIM!!! That did the trick.

Why isn't this in the manual? Oh, yeah, just like the low battery indicator :-)
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