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Full Version: (17BII and 17BII+) Finance Solver Equations
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Sales Tax

Determine the total amount of taxable items and non-taxable items.


AMT: Total Amount
NTAX: Items not subject to sales tax
TXBL: Items subject to sales tax
R%: sales tax rate

Example 1: A company purchases equipment which costs $99.99, which was subject to 9.5% sales tax, which includes $139.99 of services. The services are not subject to sales tax. What is the total invoice?

NTAX: 139.99
TXBL: 99.99
R%: 9.5(%)

AMT = 249.48

The total of the invoice is $249.48.

Substantial Presence Test


STP: Number of days calculated for the Substantial Presence Test
D: Date (in the format DD.MMYYYY)

Example 1:

D: 1.052019 (1/5/2019), SPT = 7.072019 (7/7/2019)

Example 2:

D: 6.182008 (6/18/2008), SPT = 12.182008 (12/18/2008)

Financing the Purchase of an Automobile

This equation deals with the purchase of an automobile.


PRICE: Sticker price of the automobile
DISC%: Discount percent
STAX%: Sales tax rate
DOWN: Down payment (amount)
PMT: Payment of the loan
I%: Interest rate of the loan
YRS: Number of years of the loan

Example 1: The sticker price of a car is $28,000.00. A discount of 15% is offered. The car is subject to 10% sales tax. The dealer offers a 6-year loan at 4.5%. With $2,000, what is the monthly payment?

PRICE: 28000.00
DISC%: 15
STAX%: 10
DOWN: 2000
I%: 4.5
YRS: 6

PMT = 383.83

The monthly payment is $383.83.

Real Estate: Principal Interest Property Tax & Insurance (PITI)

Determine the total payment of mortgage when considering property tax and property insurance.


PITI: Payment including principal, interest, property tax, and insurance
MORT: Mortgage amount, price of the property
I%: Annual interest rate
YRS: Number of the years of the mortgage
PROP$: Annual property tax
INS$: Annual property insurance

Example: A buyer purchases a home with a price of $200,000.00. The amount is to be financed. The loan lasts for 30 years and 5% interest rate. There is annual property tax of $1,200.00 with insurance of $395.95. What is the buyer's PITI?

MORT: 200000.00
I%: 5
YRS: 30
PROP$: 1200.00
INS$: 395.95

PITI = 1206.64

The buyer's PITI is $1,206.64.

Retirement Accounts: Future Value and Earned Untaxed Dividends

Determine the future value and untaxed dividends of tax-free retirement accounts (IRS/Keogh).


Input Variables:
I%: Annual Interest Rate
YRS: Number of Years
PMT: Annual Payment

Output Variables:
VAL: Tax Free Value of the Retirement Account
DIV: Total Untaxed Dividends Earned

I%: 6.88
PMT: 1000.00
YRS: 40

Output (Results):
VAL = 206811.01
DIV = 166881.01

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