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Full Version: Fun Facts About Yours Truly
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(03-14-2019 12:31 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]Happy Pi Day!


Happy Birthday Eddie!

Long Live and Prosper!

By the way, your blog is super!



Happy birthday from me too.

How different we are... looking through your list (on which the cats&dogs appear twice - so they must be really important to you) I can only find very few common "fun facts" between the two of us - among them Earth, Wind and Fire which I once had the pleasure to see live on stage - yet we visit the same place in this incredibly large virtual universe ;-)

Enjoy your party
Happy birthday, Eddie!

One of the great things about the HHC events is getting to know people such as yourself. Hope to see you later this year!
Eddie, thanks for sharing this. Joust! That, along with Galaxian are my all time arcade game favorites! Happy Birthday!
My favorite movie is also Ghostbusters, and I too prefer Millipede over Centipede, so I see you are a man of good taste as well. Wink
Thank you everyone!

I do like your blog and I value your contributions here and elsewhere. Furthermore, while beeing a Johnny-Come-Lately, all my best wishes, next year's birthday is nearby.

And how various people are. I abhor Ferraris, but I drink tea, too.

Hans (only one dog, no cats)
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