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Full Version: How to display CAT1 with HP 82163
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I have a HP 82163 HPIL Video Display (40 col). I have an HP-41C as the HPIL controller with the only device in the loop being the 82163. I can display the X-reg via PRX command, I can display the Alpha reg with the PRA command, but I cannot get the CAT1 to display when I execute a CAT1 command on my HP-41C. The CAT1 information is displayed on the HP-41C LCD display, but not on my video display. I reviewed the manuals, but do not see what I am missing. Do I need to issue some command prior to a CAT1 to see the CAT1 information on the video display?
I am at the office and giving you the information by memory, not sure if flag 17 is not reversed, will check tonight.

Output mode : manual setting, flags 15 & 16
CF 15 & CF 16 -> Manual mode
CF 15 & SF 16 -> Normal mode
SF 15 & CF 16 -> Trace mode
SF 15 & SF 16 -> Trace mode with Stack dump

Line-feed control : manual, flag 17
CF 17 -> enable automatic line feed
SF 17 -> disable automatic line feed

Printer/Video activation : semi-automatic, flag 21
CF 21 -> disable printer/video output
SF 21 -> enable printer/video output

Printer/Video found : automatic, you have no control over it, flag 55
55 clr -> HP-41 did not found a printer/video on the loop
55 set -> HP-41 found a printer/video on the loop
Thanks! You have a good memory. I used the
SF 15 & CF 16 -> Trace mode
commands and now I see the CAT1 and other results. Appreciate the help.
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