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Full Version: Direct printing via HP-IL from the HP3468A Multimeter
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Most of you are probably aware that it is possible to use the HP3468A DMM as a simple data logger by directly connecting it to the HP82162A HP-IL thermal printer without a controller (e.g. HP-41).

Since I could not find the procedure anywhere on the Forum Archives I’ve put it below as a reminder:

- Connect the 3468 directly to the 82162A with 2 HP-IL cables and turn on the 3468A
- Set the 3468A to TALK ONLY mode by setting dip switch#1 on the rear to the up position (TLK indicator will appear in the display)
- set the 82162A to LISTEN ONLY mode by holding PRINT and PAPER ADVANCE keys down while turning on the printer
- put the 3468A to single trigger mode by pushing the SGL TRIG key on the front panel (if you don’t the printer will keep printing continuously)
- press the SGL TRIG key every time you need a reading to be printed (range settings can still be done from the front panel)

Last weekend I decided to try the same with my HP82163B Video Interface … and it worked:

- connect your HP82163 Video Interface to it’s power adapter
- connect it to your HP-41 via the HP-IL module and turn on the HP-41 (no other devices can be in the loop)
- your HP82163 now has address 01, but just to make sure do 1,000 ; XEQ "SELECT" ;
- now XEQ "LISTEN" to put it in Listen mode
- connect your HP82163 directly to the 3468A with 2 HP-IL cables (removing the HP-41), but DO NOT disconnect it from it’s power supply
- then see procedure above to use the logger

The format of the data is a bit strange (see picture for 2,5V-5V-7,5V-10V readings) but useable for simple data logging.

PS: I've not tried this with any other HP-IL devices ... any ideas ?


Cool! Thanks for posting that.

(Now I just need to find another HP-IL cable somewhere!)
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