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Full Version: Connecting a keyboard to a HP Prime G2? And other questions.
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(03-28-2020 11:36 AM)toml_12953 Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-27-2019 01:31 AM)TheLastMillennial Wrote: [ -> ]Another question: why can't the Prime do an integral with limits of some number n to x? ...

What version are you using? I have a Prime G2 with the latest (2020 01 21) OS and it works fine. See attachment.

You may want to look at the date I posted that. Wink
This is an old thread, I dunno why a new topic wasn't made. Although I am disappointed that the 3D parametric graphing app isn't a thing still. Perhaps it could be HP's quarantine project! Tongue
Speaking of quarantine, that could be another use case for using an external keyboard.

And if both keyboards can be used together that could be useful for 2-player games.
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