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Full Version: (41CV) Programs for a Target Position Estimation Procedure
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An extract from Programs for a Target Position Estimation Procedure, Naval Post Graduate School, NPS71-83-002, MAR 1983.

The report contains program listings and user instructions for an HP-41CV, a Sharp PC-1500 (or TRS-80 PC-2) , a Sharp PC-1211 (or TRS-80 PC-1), a Casio FX-702P and a TI-59. The programs implement a bearings-only position estimation procedure. A development for the procedure is included in the report.
I. Introduction
The programs provide a means of implementing a position estimation procedure that is described in Appendix 1. The procedure is based on the following assumptions:

yes, a multi-model article

The document Appendix 1 is quite nice.

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