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Full Version: My prime stopped working
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today my real Prime stopped working.
It's a 9cj7310### serial number
hw: c
sw: 2.1.14181 (2018 10 16)

Some Keys stopped responding. at the moment the Keys that are not working are:
a b/c

I was able to do a back up, and after a couple of soft reset (ON+SYMB) i tried to do a hard reset clicking on 3 Keys and inserting the pin into the hole on the back of the calc. The result was a factory reset.

However it doesn't work. if you have an idea about what happened and if there is another test to do please suggest.


I tried the keyboard test and the result was NG (not good).

I think there is nothing else to save it.


Hi!, Giancarlo :
Try for EA656 DIAGNOSTIC, with C+F+O and press ON key by few seconds.
Appear after ...
Try, with Format Disk C
4.FLS Utility and ENTER key
3.Format Disk C and ENTER key
When finished, appear in the right extreme of LCD - OK
Press, Esc for Exit
Press 9.RESET and ENTER key.
Move the Padlock to the left extreme and OK.
Press OK four (4) times.
If i had to guess, I suspect you have a ribbon cable loose... should be easy to reconnect it.
Hello Tim,
You suggest to open it? I have nothing to loose so it’s not a problem if I break it. I have another one and I’d like to buy a G2 one day or another.

Thanks for the hint.

i opened it, tightned all the screws behind the keyboard, pushed a little bit the keyboard zebra connector in its bay and closed the case carefully.

The result is that the CALC WORKS AGAIN!!!!

thanks Tim for the hint!


I kept it in my jacket pocket in the last month (for quick calculations on the road) and probably received too many vibrations? who knows…
no shocks and however the cover was perfect...
I'm sure it was that little connector exclusively. Glad it corrected it!
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