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An extract from Calculation of apparent conductivity for the transient electromagnetic (coincident loop) method using an HP-67 calculator, GEOPHYSICS, VOL. 45, NO. 7 (JULY 1980); P. 1197-1204, 3 FIGS.

The interpretation of coincident-loop transient electromagnetic (TEM) surveys is often aided by the transformation of TEM data to apparent conductivity values. Present methods of calculating apparent conductivity have a limited usefulness or require access to a computer.
This paper presents an algorithm for calculating apparent conductivity to an accuracy of better than 1 percent for values of the parameter χ=σμA / 4πτ up to 10, where σ = conductivity, μ = magnetic permeability, A = loop area, and τ = sample time. This range of χ is sufficient for most situations encountered in field work.
The algorithm has been programmed for an HP-67 pocket calculator, and the program steps and user instructions are given in standard format. Execution time ranges from 6 to 15 sec. The program should assist the interpretation of TEM surveys in the field.

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