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Full Version: HP-16C app for iPhone/iPad - whom to call at HP?
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Hi together!

For several years we have the 12C:

the 12CP:

and the 15C:

So, what does it take to make an emulator for the 16C, too?

Would be so nice. Does someone know, who to contact at HP for this?

The other 16C emulators I do have, just waiting for the 'official' version...

Thank you all very much and have a good weekend in advance. :-)
Android users would appreciate a 16c emulator from HP as well.
There are at least a couple of good 16c apps for Android already, as you probably know.

They offer added features over what HP might, e.g. the 16C app I'm using has permanent extra display of word-size, signed-type, and a full-width window, in addition to the main display.

I doubt HP would offer that. I have their 15C app, looks great, but no frills, despite the high price.
I have developed the below RPN calculator for iPhone (completely free) because I was sick of not having my HP 12C by my side.

There’s a few RPN calculators available, but they all seemed to not maximise the potential of the touch interface of an iPhone. Hopefully some of you might like mine. Its still in beta, I need to amend some minor items like auto lifting the stack in some scenarios (I never realised how important auto lift is for rpn calculators to beat their prefix brethren - I’ve got a mostly intuitive auto lift feature now, but need to mosify it slightly).

If there is significant interest in HP 16C , I can do something similar. Its pretty easy (hardest part is UI).

RPN 30 by Ashok Khanna

Make sure to read the instructions on the app store - it took me a long time to come up with a very easy to use rpn calculator Smile
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