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Full Version: Programs for the new HP-34C Simulator for iPhone
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I imagine most people know about the new iPhone simulator for the HP-34C (app name is RPN-34 CE, by Cuvee Software). The app comes with a library of about 35 programs. But I am curious to see if any users here have written any on their own. This app allows up to 999 program steps and if you set it up for it, can access 80 additional storage registers indirectly, in addition to the 20 numbered registers.

I wrote several programs for the HP-38C simulator and sent them to Willy Kunz and he has included many of them in the sample programs for that app. Being a financial guy, scientifics are a bit out of my league, but I'd love to see what others have written for the RPN-34 CE app, or for the original HP-34C itself. And, if you are so inclined, perhaps you could even send your creations to Mr. Kunz for possible inclusion in the sample programs.
(02-01-2019 11:24 PM)bshoring Wrote: [ -> ]Being a financial guy …

I could find only a single entry in the General Software Library but you might like it:

(34C) Accurate TVM for HP-34C

But I assume that most programs for the HP-11C or even the HP-15C would run unaltered or with only small modifications on the HP-34C as well.

Thanks !
Check the thread (34C) Computer Programs for Impedance Matching in General Software Library.

Another interesting 34C article/program can be extracted from the 347 pages of: INSTREAM WATER TEMPERATURE MODEL Instream Flow Information Paper 16 with link @ HP Software Libraries, General Software Library.

Have fun & enjoy!

Good resource !
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