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Full Version: (25) Phase-Locked Loop Design Articles
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An extract from Phase-Locked Loop Design Articles, Mototola, AR254/D

Analyze, don't estimate, phase-lock-loop performance of type-2, third-order systems
a small programmable calculator, the HP-25, easily -and exactly- determines the complete loop transfer function in 48 steps.
Optimize phase-lock loops to meet your needs-or determine why you can't
This article will show you how to optimize … a type-2, third-order PLL system with a 48-step program for an HP-25 programmable calculator … to your requirements.
Suppress phase-lock-loop sidebands without introducing instability
The first two parts of this series showed how to analyze and then optimize type-2, third-order PLL systems and provided simple calculator programs for an HP-25 to do the otherwise tedious computations. This article takes you a step further and shows how to suppress sidebands, especially undesired when the PLL is used in frequency-synthesis systems.
Programmable calculator computes PLL noise, stability 29c

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