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Full Version: how to take apart the prime
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I was wondering how one would go about taking apart the prime because I stupidly tried to reset it with a pencil and got the tip stuck in it so now it sometimes randomly resets
Remove the screws Smile
Then use the battery cover's notches to separate the upper and lower sides of the calculator without damaging them. The calculator comes with its own custom disassembly tool Smile
When I took off the screws the calculator was still stuck together
Is there like Glee or a tape strip that I need to soften with heat?
And I'll try the battery cover trick
There's no adhesive, the two haves are held together with plastic clips. You need to work your way in (nails worked for me, blades or edged tools tend to leave a mark).
Thanks for the tips!

I use a credit card angle to separate the 2 halfs... Works well...

Hi!, Benjymon :
Try too, with the procedures, indicated in images, from ... https://www.view-finder.us/Other/HP-Prim.../i-kM7X4S6

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I have opened my HP PRIME a while ago.
Use your nails or a plastic card or a appropriate plastic pry tool as used to open mobile devices, in order to separate the back cover.

Details here:
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