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Full Version: HP-27 and HP-27S no German manuals available
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I bought two 27's this week and am now looking for German documents about the two computers. Does anyone have such documents to scan or already as PDF?

Nothing exists in the HP museum.

There is one German document on the HP-Museum USB Stick in folder CD13/Internet namely:-
HP-27S Benutzerhandbuch (German Manual) . . . CD 13: internat/27sger.pdf

I bought the Museum 16GB USB Stick a couple of years ago so there may be some newer items I haven’t got.
Yes there is a German manual on the stick but with an awful resolution (1DPI:-)
I think there are some people in our galaxy with an original handbook.
Now I received my new 27s and there is a german manual. So I will scan the manual with the right order of the full pages. What is the best dpi resolution for a good mix between file size and good readable? And who is the host of the museum documents?

You can find scanning instructions from Dave here.
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