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Full Version: Solving for X
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I am trying to solve -3(4x-2.8)= -5(4x-2.8) for x using the HP Prime.

The answer should be X = 0.7.

In CAS mode I entered SOLVE( -3(4x-2.8)= -5(4x-2.8) ) and received

Error: Bad Argument Value.

Would someone please tell me the steps to accomplish the solution with the HP Prime?

There is no implicit multiplication, so your entry needs to be

solve (-3*(4*x-2.8)=-5*(4*x-2.8))

Note the lowercase variable usage and the command in lowercase too. Use the Help button too when exploring the commands.

Thank you Mark. It works for me now. Cheers!
Hi!, MullenJohn :
Try, in CAS, with ...
Thank you - very nice - Cheers!
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