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Full Version: Repairing an HP37E
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Hi Everyone,
may be it could be useful for someone, so we decided to post few pictures about this little repair.
This unit had the flex ribbon cable that connect the battery/charger contacts cut, while the rest
of the ribbon that connect the PSU to the mother board was in good condition.
We opened the unit, cut the flex cable entirely and with the help of some sand paper grit 1000,
we removed the protection of the three traces in order to reveal the copper underneath.
At this point we soldered three thin cable, maybe too thin, and reconnected battery/charger pcb
to the main unit.
It works ...
While at it, we have glued the two screw posts (top of the calc) that were broken in half using some
Attak glue and that also proved to be working.
We cleaned the LED contacts, in this model the display can be taken out quite easily.
We didn't disassemble the unit completely because there was no reason to do that and could have
improved the risk of bad contacts between the ICs and the motherboard, in this version the ICs are not soldered ...
Take care, any comment or suggestion on how to proceed may be in a different way, is very welcome.
To complete the job we are now waiting to find a good replacement for the battery cover,
as we are discussing in this thread : HP Spice battery door
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