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Full Version: Change Header Names in Stat1Var App
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Is there anyway to change the header name for each of the columns in the Stat1Var App - outisde of the Num view (like a program command)?

It appears that EDITLIST only allows the edit of one list, even with a title or a header.

Please see the screen shot attached.

Thanks in advance, Eddie
D1(-1):="name" from memory
(01-20-2019 04:54 AM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]D1(-1):="name" from memory

Cool. I was trying D1(NAME) and D1(HEADER) earlier. D1(-1) works. Thanks Tim!

Si ça peut aider :
D1(-1):="" rétablit le nom de D1.
Lorsque vous avez modifié l'en-tête d'une colonne (D1 par exemple en Rh)
Vous pouvez accéder aux valeurs par D1 et Rh.

If it helps:
D1 (-1): = "" restores the name of D1.
When you have modified the header of a column (D1 for example in Rh)
You can access values ​​by D1 and Rh.
No problem, Tyann. Your English is just fine. Thank you Tyann and Tim!

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