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Full Version: New Scout Optimization Algorithm
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Hi All,

I just posted my new Scout Optimization Algorithm (SOA) on my web site. Click here to see my new articles page. The new algorithm is the bottom-most entry. There are two links. One to download the PDF file and one to download the various files. I coded the algorithm in MATLAB. The article present various versions of SOA. It is a labor of love that has taken me two moths to work through several generations of the set of SOA functions.


request: it wouldn't be bad if you put a little abstract here, for reference, understanding, searches and indexing by search engines, archival and other reasons .

The same on you page listing the work. Not everyone is willing to peruse articles with only the title as description. Time is short and the internet is full.
This, superficially at least, resembles a pattern search which is a more systematic version of a direct search. I've not read all 155 pages and couldn't find a references section, so I could easly be wrong.

How does it compare to historic implementations of these?

I do state in the first paragraph that it is inspired by the Fireworks Algorithm (Y. Tan, Y. Zhu (2010) ). One of teh authors write a whole book about that algorithm. I will add a reference to Fireworks Algorithm in the next update.

The first generation model for the Scout Optimization Algorithm (SOA) has pods that land randomly in the trust region. Each pod launches a group of scouts that search in the viscinity. The location of the pds remain fixed.

In the second generation of SOA, the pods also explore finding better locations. The scout's location are also influenced by the new pod location and are attracted by better pod location. Introducing the concept of modible pods resulted in signficiant improvement in the results for all the vaersions of SOA function. The study I posted only deals with the second gneration of the SOA functions.

I updated my Scout Algorithm document (and listing). As requested, I added many references and tweaked the study's text a bit. Click here to visit my web page and download the pdf file and other files by locating the bottom most item in that page.


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