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Full Version: Free42 Android different cat order than Windows Free42
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If on the Android Free42, one selects shift and Cat, and then selects the far left FNC menu, and then hits the up arrow key 2 times, one gets just 3 time-date functions that show up, where the Windows version shows a full menu...Both end up with same functions, but are displayed differently as one goes through the menus with the arrow keys...Curious as to why they are different.
That's because of the ACCEL, LOCAT, and HEADING functions, which read the accelerometer, GPS, and compass, respectively. In the Android and iOS versions, those three functions come after the 42 rows of the original HP-42S FCN catalog, and before the twelve Time Module functions; in the Windows, MacOS, and Linux versions, those three functions are absent, because PCs and Macs tend not to have accelerometers, GPSes, or compasses.

oops, one just hits the up arrow key to get to the 3 functions on Android...Speaking of the 3 functions, the time one puts the time up, but hitting the other 2 functions DOW and MDY nothing happens, what is the correct inout and syntax for those 2 functions?
Click the link in my previous post and all will be revealed.
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