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Full Version: pyILPER 1.8.0 beta1 with ThinkJet emulator
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I published the first beta of pyILPER 1.8.0 on GitHub today.

pyILPER 1.8.0 introduces an emulator for the ThinkJet HP-2225B. See the HP-2225B emulator documentation and the release notes for details.

Many thanks to Dave Frederickson who helped me testing the alpha versions because I do not have a Thinkjet in working order.

I attached a LIF image file with sample files which I used for testing. See the README file for instructions.

I'd be happy to have beta testers for this beta release. The beta software can be installed without affect your production release. See the installation instructions for details.

At last, an emulator that allows printing those HP-75 text formatted and graphics files. Smile


Using PLIST is a easy way to print these files. The JPC ROM will allow files with embedded codes to be printed on the HP-71B.
You may need to futz around with the PWIDTH and ENDLINE settings to print some of the files correctly.


I have downloaded the latest version from github and I can run pyilper fine (it shows as 1.8.0b2) but there is no thinkjet device tab ? Printer 1 is shown. Any help appreciated.
Go to "Virtual HP-IL device configuration" in the "File Menu" and append a "HP2225B" with the "Add" button. You should move the new device before the virtual drivers in the device list for safety reasons. See the "HP-IL device configuration section" in the file menu documentation for details.
Thanks Joachim.
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