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Full Version: (41C) Bishop's simplified slope stability analysis
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Two extracts from Bishop's simplified slope stability analysis with a Hewlett-Packard 41C calculator, A. T. Moon, UR1984/51.

A slope stability analysis program based on Bishop's simplified method has been written for a Hewlett-Packard 4lC calculator. The use of this program and input and check programs is described. No prior experience with programmable calculators is assumed. Appendices include comments on the use of Cousins' stability charts, a worked example of the calculator analysis, problems on slope stability analysis on standard computation sheets, and program listings.

The purpose of this report is to introduce readers to slope stability analysis using a Hewlett-Packard 4lC (HP-4lC) calculator. No prior experience with this or any other programmable calculator is assumed … three programs involved … Listings of the programs are given in Appendix 4 …

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