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Full Version: HP50G Purchased from hpcalc.org
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Has anyone purchased a HP50G "refurbished" calculator from hpcalc.org? I understand the calculator is supposed to be new but without the packaging. I have two question:

1) What is the condition of the calculator? Were there any problems with it, or was it in perfect working condition?

2) What is the shipping time in the U.S? Is it 10 days as stated on the website or
is it longer?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
I test every one before shipping them. I've already had to reject a couple due to unsatisfactory keyboards. I include fresh AAA batteries.

Shipping time is really a combination of multiple factors. I'm caught up with things now, so it's usually only a day or two delay before I ship it. Travel time is just whatever USPS Priority Mail takes, usually another 2-3 days. So yes, now it should take less than 10 days.
Thanks Eric for the prompt reply. I was especially concerned about the
keyboard issue because I had one with a faulty keyboard that I ordered
from Amazon a while back.
Received one of these from Eric a little while ago. It is new, as shown by some other recent discussions on the forum.

Page 3 and 4.


The serial number indicated a 2017 manufacture date.
The firmware was the most recent.
HP's warranty validation also indicated 2017.

Thank you Eric. for having these available.
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