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Full Version: Casio fx-39 3D emulator
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What would be the experience of the emulators that exist for the hp calculators, if they simulated a 3D view?

[Image: eb057ba616d4c469102f4c7437e608f13a879c44...1280h.jpeg]

I have this on my Android phone...looks great...It would be great if the treatment was done with other calculators, but I doubt that will ever happen.
I have it too, have liked it for ages.

But I didn't know about the website, and from there discovered they also do a JL-120 units conversion model, which is quite handy, and quicker than firing up my 48/50 emulators, if I don't have the real thing to hand Smile

[Image: d54f63d895b97bac39a42667fc854620.png]
Great to see that realism.

For LCD screens, the pixels are displayed separately and not together as emu48 and all other emulators / simulators do.

[Image: hp_300s_plus_scientific_juniper_calculator_c.jpg]
thanks Hugh, great apps!

please do keep us posted on developmentsā€¦
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