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Full Version: (HP-97) Estimating Water Requirements for Corn with a Pocket Calculator
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An extract from Estimating Water Requirements for Corn with a Pocket Calculator, KS University (Agronomy Dept.), 78-259-s.

This report documents a computerized program for estimating daily evapotranspiration (water loss from soil and plant surfaces) and soil moisture availability. While this program is for a growing corn crop, slight modifications can make it applicable to soybean, sorghum, and winter wheat. We wrote the program for a Hewlett Packard 97 programmable, "pocket" calculator.
Output from the program provides daily estimates of evapotranspiration and soil moisture depletion, so an operator may schedule irrigation according to whatever soil moisture depletion he desires.

very, very thorough (flowchart, examples, etc.); enjoy!

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