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Full Version: Solve System of differential equations
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How can I solve a system of differential equations in the HP Prime? Something like this:


I've tried to use desolve, but it seems it only works for one differential equation.

But it seems that HP Prime it's doing something wrong if I do that. For example:


gives the same solution as

desolve(y'=[[1,0],[0,2]]*y + [[3],[4]] ,t,y)

I think it is because the calculator is interpreting [[1,0],[0,2]]*y as [[y,0],[0,2y]] (it doesn't take into account that y is a vector)

How could I solve this? Am I doing something wrong?

Correct syntax for second member is
s:=desolve(y'=[[1,0],[0,2]]*y + [3,4] ,t,y)
The reason is that y is a line vector, not a column vector. Indeed desolve returns a list of generic solutions, even for linear ODE, because you might get several generic solutions for non linear ODE. That mean that the solution y is s[0], i.e. a line vector.
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