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Full Version: (HP-67) Bicycle-Safe Grate Inlets Design
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Extract from ABSTRACT in Bicycle-Safe Grate Inlets Design, Fred F.M. Chang, USDoT Implementation Package (FHWA-IP-80-13), DEC 1980, 59 pages.

This report presents equations for computing the hydraulic efficiency and discharge for three bicycle-safe grate inlets on a continuous grade and under sump conditions. These three grates were selected based on previous testing of various grates conducted by the Engineering and Research Center of the Water and Power Resources Service in Denver, Colorado. The parallel bar with transverse rods (P-1-7/8-4), the parallel bar with transverse spacers (P-1-1/8), and the curved Vane (CW) grates showed the best overall characteristics in safety, hydraulic efficiency, and debris handling. The equations were derived empirically to fit the data within ± 10%. Computer and calculator programs are also included for the user's convenience.

very thorough & complete for both the HP-67 & TI-59 calculators: enjoy!

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