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Full Version: (HP-67) Calculation of Wave Shoaling with Dissipation over Nearshore Sands
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The ABSTRACT from Calculation of Wave Shoaling w Dissipation over Nearshore Sands (low quality DTIC download) or Calculation of Wave Shoaling with Dissipation Over Nearshore Sands (higher quality HATHI TRUST view/download), Dr. Robert J. Hallermeier, Kingman Building, Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERRE-CP), MAR 1983, 21 pages …

This report provides a simplified calculation procedure for nearshore wave height changes considering the energy dissipated by rough turbulent flow over a strongly agitated bed of guartz sand. All elementary wave relation ships are from linear monochromatic? wave theeory, but one effect of including dissipation is that calculated height changes depend on the absolute wave height. The general effect of appreciable energy loss is to make field wave height relatively constant outside the breaker zone. Example computations and a calculator program are provided.

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