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Full Version: (HP-65) Traverse D.M.D.
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extract (pg. 14) from A NOTE TO USERS OF THE HEWLETT-PACKARD MODEL 65 CALCULATOR by Michael O. Brown (cadastral engineer), pages 14-16, in Field Notes vol7 num6, US Forest Service with corrections to two surveying programs from HP's Surveying PAC-1.

The field angle H.P. 00115B and the bearing HP 00116A traverse programs that are supplied by Hewlett-Packard in their survey PAC-1 give erroneous area solutions. The magnitude of the error is directly proportiornal to the size of the starting coordinates. Certain closure errors can cause some erratic acreage solutions. In some cases this might cause serious problems. Hewlett-Packard has been notified of the discrepancy in their program and it is assumed that they will follow up with some form of notification. Meanwhile it seemed that FIELD NOTES would be an effective method of reaching individuals who might be using these programs without being aware of the possible problems that exist.
A solution to the problem is the following program. It gives the option of either bearing or field-angle entry for course direction and uses the double-meridian distance method to calculate area.

The program description (pg.15) & listing (pg.16) follow.

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