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Full Version: Update behaviour, Virtual Prime and ConnKit
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I guess this is mostly for Tim or Parisse, I mean Cyrille..

How come I get "nagged" about downloading and updating to the lates version, when the latest version is already installed?
I'm running Win10 and have downloaded and installed (only) the 64-bit versions. The ConnKit download is the .exe file, while the Virtual Prime is the .msi file
Please see the attached screenshots.

HP Connectivity Kit

Virtual Prime

My newly received G2 does not behave like that. I downloaded (via FTP) the firmware, "dumped" the files in the "G2" folder in "My Documents/Prime" and ran the update. When "check for update", I get the normal "no updates available".
This behavior is already discussed in this and this thread. Still no solution or workaround.
My Win10 64-bit ConnKit also suggests an update is available, even though I'm already running the 64-bit 14181 version.

I agreed to update the first time hoping that would fix it, but now I just click "Not Now" when the dialog appears.
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