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Full Version: Thinking caused by a trigonometric function
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My hp prime hardware version is A, I updated to the latest firmware, but there are still some problems. Mainly the restart and interrupt issues in CAS calculations. When hp prime calculates some algebraic styles, it will restart for no reason, resulting in the operation data not being saved. In some cases, the calculation will fall into an infinite loop, which consumes a lot of time. Only by pressing the ON+Symb key to restart, this will result in the data not being saved. But these problems rarely occur on hp prime simulators and XCAS. For example: simplify (1/sin(pi/18)-sqrt(3)/cos(pi/18)), simplify(int(1/(x^2+sqrt(1-x^2)),x)),solve(∂(λ*sqrt(a^2-2*x*a+r^2)+μ*sqrt(b^2-2*sqrt(r^2-x^2)*b +r^2), x)=0, x),tcollect((-sqrt(-12*cos(2*x)+26*cos(3*x)+40*cos(4*x)+30*cos(5*x)+12*cos(6*x)+2*cos(7*x)-58*cos(x)-42*sin(2*x)-26*sin(3*x)-2*sin(4*x)+14*sin(5*x)+14*sin(6*x)+6*sin(7*x)+sin(8*x)-34*sin(x)-40)*y*sin(x)-sqrt(-12*cos(2*x)+26*cos(3*x)+40*cos(4*x)+30*cos(5*x)+12*cos(6*x)+2*cos(7*x)-58*cos(x)-42*sin(2*x)-26*sin(3*x)-2*sin(4*x)+14*sin(5*x)+14*sin(6*x)+6*sin(7*x)+sin(8*x)-34*sin(x)-40)*y+8*y*cos(x)^5-8*y*cos(x)^4*sin(x)-8*y*cos(x)^4-32*y*cos(x)^3*sin(x)-40*y*cos(x)^3-8*y*cos(x)^2*sin(x)-8*y*cos(x)^2+16*y*cos(x)*sin(x)+16*y*cos(x))/(16*cos(x)^5+16*cos(x)^4-32*cos(x)^3*sin(x)-32*cos(x)^3-32*cos(x)^2*sin(x)-32*cos(x)^2)).only restart on the physical machine for no reason.So I hope that the hp calculator department can solve the XCAS and system compatibility issues. Reduce the number of restarts for no reason, and there is a valid program to interrupt the depth calculation instead of pressing the restart button. This is some of my opinions. Finally, I wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy weekend.sorry my poor english
This is indeed a question of thinking, hp prime and XCAS compatibility is not good, I hope that hp can develop a button to interrupt the CAS program, because sometimes pressing the ON button does not work.
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