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Full Version: (12C Platinum) Day of the Week
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This program keep adding one year at a time to display the
"day of the week" from you desire starting M,DY

For example:

What "day of the week" will be on every first day of the year start from 2018

1.012018 [R/S] display 1,01,2018 2 .........keep repeating next year...press any button except ON to stop.

Answer: 2 is Tuesday on 2019 and continue.....

1 Monday
2 Tuesday
7 Sunday


001 STO 0
002 RCL 0
004  0
005 DATE
007  0
008 DATE
009 EEX
010 CHS
011  6
012 STO+0
013 GTO 002

On 12+ the looping of DATE pause, display is not smooth and hard to read.
On 12C emulator the DATE pause momentary and display can read comfortably.
I don't know about the Original 12C since I don't have one.

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