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Full Version: HP 9100 acquisition
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I was fortunate enough to find and acquire an HP 9100A in working condition. It came with two "friends" Smile I need to clean them up, inspect them and diagnose any power supply issues because the two 9100Bs were said to not power up. One had a loose fuse cap on the -15VDC fuse (I doubt that is the problem) and the other has a blown fuse on the -3.4kV line. Anyway, just thought you guys might like to seen them. I was pretty surprised in finding them.

Nice! I got lucky on getting my 9100A working - http://www.computerarium.org/doku/doku.php?id=hp_9100 .

Keep us updated on your progress.
Thanks Jack. Will do. I did a lot of searching once I agreed to buy the units. Between then and when they were hand delivered (to avoid CRT breakage), I found your site. Thanks for posting your experience.

I did receive some documentation including the 9100A Operating and Programming manual, the 9100A Programming Library binder, a copy of the September 1968 "Hewlett Packard Journal" featuring the 9100A and a Technical Data brochure for the 9100 A/B. Sadly, no magnetic cards.

I don't think I've seen the HP 9100 A/B Technical Data brochure dated 1 October 1967 posted anywhere so here is a scan for anyone interested. Happy to make it available for the CDs if not already there: http://vintagecomputer.ca/files/Hewlett%...ochure.pdf
Congratulation on that find! Where on earth did you find three of these?!?
I found them on Kijiji (similar to Craigslist in Canada). They were originally purchased from a government auction 30 years ago. Some o f the manuals have "RADAR" written on them so they must have been used in the RADAR department? Being a vintage computer collector particularly interested in Canadian computers, I am enamored with the Canadian government tie in even though these are not produced in Canada.
Thanks for the scan.

I'm sure you've found Jurgen Keller's 9100 website - https://hp9100.info/ . You should also join the vintage hp group at https://groups.io/g/VintHPcom . There's a lot more activity with the desktop machines over there.
(12-12-2018 02:08 PM)jackrubin Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure you've found Jurgen Keller's 9100 website - https://hp9100.info/ .

Definitely. Been there many times. Love the pictures there. Thanks Jurgen!

(12-12-2018 02:08 PM)jackrubin Wrote: [ -> ]You should also join the vintage hp group at https://groups.io/g/VintHPcom . There's a lot more activity with the desktop machines over there.

I am on the list already along with the hpseries80 group. I also have an HP 9830A with printer that needs some work plus an HP 9826 and an HP 87. I am not very active on those lists but am watching at this stage. At some point I need to focus on my other HP equipment (along with another long list of projects).

My own website is at http://vintagecomputer.ca with a small part of my vintage computer collection there. The HP 9100 fits right in.
The https://hp9100.info/ link is a good one.
Right on the home page for that, I enjoyed the March 1968 press release announcing the new 9100. It was heralded as a "self-contained" electronic calculator that was only the size of a typewriter. It's not mentioned there, but the release price was $4900.

Fewer than 4 years later, HP releases the HP-35 which is far smaller and costs less than 1/10 the price. What an amazing world-changing achievement in so short a time!
After swapping the internal power supply board and changing the fuse, at first the first of the 9100Bs didn't work. As it turns out, the power switch needs some work so I had to hold in in the "on" position. All four switches are in very bad shape. I'll have to see how I can refurbish them. Displayed below is what I see. Sadly, I cannot type anything as nothing changes the display but at least there is life...

Thanks Jack. I have parts on order to fix the other power supply board.

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