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Full Version: HP50G: Soft mapping the Equation Solver Hard Menu
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Hi there

Well thanks to the forum I have set my 50G's up almost perfectly for my Linear Algebra course, nice soft Custom menu, some remapping (SWAP for example) and it now backs up to the SD Card nicely. Just one thing niggles me however.

Can the Hard key functions in an application (such as the equation solver) be mapped elsewhere?

My F6 key is a bit squeaky (I'd prefer not to use a lot although it works fine, the Calculator I purchased used and the key seems to have been knocked on the side with a scuff mark) however some hard menus have functions on this key I use a bit (SOLVE for example*) and no other key will do the action but the hard key.

I know how to map to menus and assign keys however in this particular case I can't see how I can achieve my aim.

Would KEYMAN help?


*Yes I can do this in RPL almost as simply but sometimes the graphical solver is just a little more convenient.
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