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Full Version: minor bug: wrong labelling on Import Sample Statistics screen
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I noticed a minor labelling bug in the Inference app.

In that app's Import Sample Statistics screen, the labels for the previews of standard deviation s and sample size n values are reversed.

Fortunately the values are imported correctly: it's just the labels on the import screen's value previews that are reversed.

This only happens for the two-sample tests; e.g. T-Test: 1 μ doesn't show the problem.

[Prime G2 firmware 14181]

to reproduce:
  1. Statistics 1Var app, Numeric view, enter two columns of data under D1/D2, say five rows each, with some numbers
  2. Symbolic view, enable both H1 and H2, for columns D1 & D2 respectively
  3. Optionally, Numeric view, touch Stats, which should show two columns of calculated statistics. Touch OK
  4. Inference app, Symbolic view, method: Hypothesis test, type: T-test μ₁-μ₂, Alt: μ₁≠μ₂
  5. Numeric view, touch Import, select Statistics 1Var for both, D1 at the top, then D2 below
  6. Although the mean values are shown correctly, the standard deviation s and the sample size n values are reversed. Touch OK
  7. The values have nevertheless been imported correctly
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