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Full Version: Catiga OEM calculator manufacturer... anyone?
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In my side of our planet there are a few business stores that are selling one unknown (to me at least) Catiga calculator brand, side by side with Casios and TI's.

One of the Catiga models is the CS-991pr, sold for 9.99 Euro, and it looks suspicious similar to the Casio FX-991es series.

Apparently this is the manufacturer portal. However I'm failing to find a support page where one can get more detailed specifications and the users guide:

As I can't find too much references in the web, does anyone knows about this Catiga / Casio relationship?
Besides the 991 model, they advertize the CS-991ES PLUS model as well, looking very similar to a CASIO FS-115ES PLUS / FX-991DE PLUS:

And they have a Graphics calculator (39 Euro in Portugal) model CS-121 that looks impressive, despite having no published features:
The last one looks like this Lexibook calc:

[Image: GC1750FR.jpg]
(05-02-2014 04:24 PM)Manolo Sobrino Wrote: [ -> ]The last one looks like this Lexibook calc:

Thanks, Manolo!
After looking into the Lexibook users guide, I see that these Catiga / Lexibook calculators are not really worthy when compared to more realistic proposals from CASIO for instance.
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